MAP (Small)

TO find a map paGE

Simply click on a Book which will take you to a table of map pages. Click on your desire map page. It will open the parcel map as a pdf.

New System

The image below is an explanation of the 12-digit system.

Parcel Numbers

Below is a description of our parcel numbers and how to read them.

  • Example: APN 15-0392-06
    • The first two numbers of the APN are the book 15
      • (Before, it was three numbers (015)
    • The next set of numbers represent the page and block. It has increased from three numbers to four. (0392)
      • This means page 39, which allows us to go to 999 pages before having to split into a new book. The block is 392.
    • The final two digits are the parcel number, represented by being encased in a small circle on the page. (06)