Below is a description of the new parcel numbers and how to read them.

Example: APN 15-0392-06

The first two numbers are the book   (15)

          (Before, it was three numbers (015)

The next set of numbers represent the page and block. It has increased from three numbers to four.  (0392)

This means page 39, which allows us to go to 999 pages before having to split into a new book. The block is 392.

The final two digits are the parcel number, represented by being encased in a small circle on the page. (06)

Book 1 has been changed to Book 17. The new numbering caused a conflict between books 1 and 10.

If you need a cross reference sheet for converting from the 12 digit number to the new 8 digit number, this Excel spreadsheet should help. Click HERE.


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